Horseback riding summer camp


- Absolutely NO jumping allowed without an instructor.

- Ride with proper riding attire.

- One tack trunks allowed per horse, properly labeled with your name. Keep tack room area clean.

- Keep barn clean and organized.

- Boarding is due the first of the month. $100 late fee will apply if payment not received by the 5th of the month. Thereafter there will be an additional $50 late fee every three days. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

- Boarding a horse at Gold Stirrup Academy involves signing a boarding contract with the facility. If for any reason the boarding contract is not signed, boarding a horse implies agreeing to the rules and regulations of the facility.

- Boarder agrees to give a month's notice when planning to leave, move, or make changes to its current status in the premisses.

- For your convenience credit cards are accepted. Administrative and processing fees will apply.

- No one is allowed in the office unless otherwise authorized.

- Trash belongs in the trash cans.

- Tack found will be picked up and may be claimed, up until the first of the month. If not claimed it will be disposed of.

- Prohibited to use other people's property without prior consent.

- The main ring is ONLY for lesson purposes unless not in use or previously authorized by an instructor.

- Lights will be turned on ONLY while taking a lesson.

- Gold Stirrup Academy is a full service barn. Services rendered will be billed separately. Please instruct your children that they must keep their belongings clean and organized. Dirty tack will be cleaned and billed. Dirty horses will be cleaned and billed. etc.

- The bathroom must be kept clean. No toilet paper or feminine pads in toilet please. Leave the bathroom how you would like to find it when you go in it

We want to have a better and cleaner barn for everyone to enjoy and we hope that we have your cooperation.


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