Our stalls have different sizes depending on the package you purchase. They range from the standard 12’x12’ stall fully equipped with automatic waterer, fan, rubber mats with ¾” thickness.

All stalls offer hurricane protection as they are made of concrete, and on a solid foundation. Every one of the boarding stalls includes a fly misting system that keeps flies & bugs away. Combined with stall cleaning twice daily, it provides a safe, dry & fresh environment for you & your horse.

Some of the stalls have a run-in paddock, which allows for multiple benefits. That is, horses can come in & out of their 12’x12’ stall at will, into a beautiful terrace where they can get some sun, or shade (provided by their own palm tree!), or just have a more direct contact with their neighboring horse. (We always make sure horses get along when selecting their stall).

Oversized Outdoor Arena

Our over-sized outdoor arena is over 250 feet by 150 feet fully fenced for the safety of the horse and rider. It has a prime mix of quality sand from the north of Florida. That includes silica sand, and screening, for great compaction, grip and a smooth stride on your horse. Providing great cushioning after a jump. That arena counts with a large gazebo for parents, or other riders to sit and enjoy seeing the riding horses at work. the arena itself has an excellent drainage, which allows getting back on your horse within just a couple of hours of a downpour. the arena also has 14 powerful lights that turn it into a daylight arena in the middle of the night. this allows for work after hours, or on very cloudy afternoons.

Whether you are a dressage, jumping or hunter rider, you have to be flexible and respectful with the lesson schedule, and other riders in the arena. Jumps may be left up certain days, but you will have to check the schedule weekly with our staff. We try hard to make everyone have a comfortable & productive ride!

Covered Round-Pen Arena

We count with a beautiful concrete covered round-pen to work at all year round. It allows you to keep your horse at work on rainy days, or hot Miami weather conditions. You may lunge your horse, ride, or receive a lesson in that indoor arena. It is watered & raked as needed, it has a solid base of concrete with a great layering of good riding sand. It includes lights for night or early morning work. You may also talk to us if you would like to turn out your horse in the round pen. Turnout may be done under the supervision of the horse owner for a limited time, or by a staff member. This round pen is one of the most valuable features of our farm (not counting our staff!). Conveniently located by the covered wash area so that you do not get wet on the way over, and with an additional covered area to have friends or clients look at your horse work in the arena.

Paddocks / Pasture

We currently count with 8 over-sized grass paddocks with water supply. We provide rotational turnout that allows those beautiful paddocks to remain as green as ever. Our boarding horses enjoy every minute of their turnout! Some of our paddocks have sheds.

We keep the grass short to avoid infestation of animals, ticks & other threatening species that could endanger our beloved horses. When going to pasture, all our horses are fly sprayed as needed, or prepared with their fly masks, fly sheets, bell boots…. Allowing the horses to have a safe & enjoyable time during its outdoors leisure hours.

The horses are checked routinely when outdoors, and if any is nervous, running, or getting excited, we give them a chance to settle down, but if they do not, we rapidly bring them back to the stall, or wash area to cool off.

Wash Area

There are designated areas to tack up and bathe your horse. Those areas are covered to conveniently for the comfort of the clients to get ready on a dry, cool environment. Fans are installed to help horses dry, and keep us cool.

Horses at GSA are groomed a minimum of five times per week by our staff, that is on the days that clients do not do the grooming themselves. We typically halter them, and groom them inside their own stall. However, when they are a little dirtier than usual, we take them to the wash areas / grooming areas, for a thorough cleaning!

All designated areas to groom; tack up and bath have lights, which lets anyone to safely handle a horse when dark outside. The stalls count with lights as well.

Grain Storage

Horse wash area

The grain rooms are equipped with A/C to keep hay, grain, supplements & medicines fresh for our horses. They are locked at night for safe keeping, just like the tack room. Hay is kept up on top of pallets to avoid moisture from the floor to get in. We prepare feeds one ahead of the schedule not to have horses waiting for their hay and grain. This way we carefully add all supplements corresponding to every horse. An average of twice a month we give a good clean up to the grain room, sweeping up any dust that may arise from hay accumulation, cleaning A/C filters, and washing feed buckets. This again promotes a healthy environment for horses & employees.

Tack Room

We have a tack room area that is locked every night to keep all the equipment safe in a dry environment. It has A/C to keep all leathers in optimum condition, and also has a sink and wash area to keep bits, and equipment clean. You may keep leathers inside the tack room, but will have to ask permission if you would like to keep your trunk inside as well. We have designated non-a/c areas for extra equipment & tack trunks.


The lounge area has A/C, WI-FI and seating area for clients, parents or friends to rest, talk or enjoy a coffee while the riders are at work! It counts with 2 bathrooms and has a beautiful view to our grass garden. It is one of our biggest assets in the farm as clients can have their social time after riding while in a comfortable seating area. They can also have a snack at our kitchen area. When at times of horse shows, or horse related events, it is the place to give a speech, to present a clinician, or to view a movie to improve your riding knowledge. It has infinite uses, all to the benefit of the rider, and family.

Tack room full and empty view

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