Gold Stirrup Academy at Horse Country Miami

Horse country Miami is well known as one of the most agricultural and horse friendly communities in Southwest Miami-Dade county. This small patch of land is approximately one square mile of zoned areas for agriculture and residential uses. Horse country is primarily known for its lush scenery and its passion for horses. Gold Stirrup Academy is located in the heart of Horse Country. This equestrian center offers a variety of horses and riding classes along with boarding stables.

Horse Country Miami History

Horse country was not always as popular as it is today. As a matter of fact, it was the co-founder of a real estate agency named Toni Schrager, who began pushing for the awareness of horse country. This square mile of zoned areas can reach from 40th street to 72nd street and from 118th avenue to 127th avenue in Kendall, FL.

Horse Country Miami

With some of the most lavish horse ranches in the state, horse country has seen properties sold for an average of $4.9 million. These ranches are not typically used as a second home. In fact, it has been said that if individuals are looking for a second home, horse country is not the place to search. This small patch of horse heaven was intended for the love, care and safety of horses and owners who need to keep them in stalls.

Horse Country Miami Customs and Traditions

Horse country is a patch of land full of agricultural and scenic influences, great for all things that take place there. Miami, being the busy city it is, can never provide you with the amount of culture and tradition that can be found in horse country Miami. For starters, all ranches at horse country are exactly that: horse ranches. These properties might be used as residential properties but definitely not as vacation homes or even second homes. These properties are generally inclined to be large equestrian centers, providing children and young adults with riding lessons along with a boarding center for their animals. Unlike the city in every aspect, once you enter horse country it is pretty easy to feel like you are somewhere out of South Florida. The passion, love and care that these ranches provide to these animals are something that you will rarely find elsewhere in the state. While many places may be agriculturally inclined, Horse country maintains equine traditions and customs alive in south Florida.

Horseback riding and Horse Training at Horse Country

Gold Stirrup Academy is one of the ranches located in the very center of Horse Country. This ranch is one of the cleanest and most committed ranches in the area, always focusing on their riders and their animals. Gold Stirrup Academy offers riders with a clean and safe place to keep their animals along with a large enough terrain to provide lessons and classes on the property. The possibilities to grow in an equine like hobby can be very slim to none without the proper care and education on how to ride and how to take care of your animals. Luckily, Gold Stirrup Academy holds some of the most professional horseback instructors in the state and can offer you some of the best experiences of your life. Whether you have a horse that needs boarding, want to take on equine lessons, or even if you are looking for the perfect outdoor environment to host a party; Gold Stirrup Academy is the place to go.

Gold Stirrup Academy at Horse Country Miami

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