Volunteer Work at Gold Stirrup Academy

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for Gold Stirrup Academy. We appreciate a lot your help and passion for horses and other animals. Although there are uncountable volunteer programs in Miami, ours is special in many ways!

While volunteering with us, you will get the chance to groom a horse, learn to use all grooming and horse supplies, and much more! We have volunteers that have helped us move hay bales around, carry tack trunks, oil saddles, assisted with kids in lessons. Depending of their level of experience they are allowed to do certain volunteer services on their own at the horse stables.

While some volunteers like to do everything around the barn, others are picky, and just like to do certain tasks. That is fine too. There is always something to do at a farm, just let us know what you are interested in doing (riding only through paid lessons), and we will do our best to accommodate your volunteer help in our program.

Volunteer with Horses Miami
Volunteers Miami

You will learn all the aspects of the horse world, we will be there for any questions, and you can get community hours or just a break from daily life to spend a day creating a connection to the animal world.

Call us for volunteer opportunities!! There are always barn chores to do at a farm. We will provide you guidance, teach you, and monitor your progress as you clean a stall, brush a horse, feed. You will benefit from the incredible connection that being with an equine provides you.

Volunteer work requires commitment and lots of passion for the horse world! We have schedules & days to come and do the barn chores. We will be happy to provide you with a letter certifying the hours of volunteer work, and a letter of recommendation if the tasks have been completed properly.

Apply to Volunteer at Gold Stirrup Academy

To apply for membership please contact us.

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