It doesn’t matter what time of the year; it’s always a good time to celebrate. Some people may be mesmerized by a specific celebration in their hometown while others always seem to find a reason to gather the family and have an unconventional meal together.

The city of Miami is particularly a perfect setting to host a variety of special events, Gold Stirrup Academy being among the choicest ones. We can assist you with choosing a special spot to host your event. Contact us today at (305)262-8303 and we will arrange a special tour of our ranch.

Gold Stirrup Academy - Your Special Event Venue

Gold Stirrup Academy has one of the most enchanting outdoor venues in South Florida to celebrate your exceptional event. Many activities for children of all ages and adults have been held in the large 17.5 acre ranch. From a bachelorette party to a bar mitzvah, you can choose our indoor facility or simply relax outdoors with the whole family.

The perfect place for different types of events

Besides a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, there are other events you can celebrate at our farm, which include bridal showers, communions, bar or bat mitzvahs, and any other surprise party you might think of.

Gold Stirrup Academy has been running for quite a while now. We recently undertook a major renovation project to make all your guests feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. Our ranch is located in the center of Horse Country and is one of the cleanest and most committed ones in the area. We only offer the best for all our clients.

Gold Stirrup Academy Facilities

The comfort and convenience you find in our facilities you won’t find anywhere else. There is something grand when you enter our doors and explore the greenery and picturesque country atmosphere. You will feel right at home!

Indoor events - Your party theme

Your celebretation won’t lose its magic if you decide our indoor facility is more convenient to host your event. It’s suitable for all kind of occasions and to protect your guests during severe weather season. There are many easy-to-create party themes options which can work for any occasion. Whether you like a vintage, fancy, or fashionable party theme, our space lends itself to turn all your wishes into reality.

Outdoor events-Fresh catering

As everyone knows South Florida is one of the warmest states. It’s great but also a challenge when it comes to partying outdoors. The humidity and heat can become a nightmare if you don’t prepare accordingly. Whatever you do, just keep it fresh! Surprise your guests with refreshing appetizers and tangy drinks. There are many summer appetizers to suit any occasion, all of them adding fruits and vegetables to the recipe.

A lovely place for your special event in Miami

South Florida is the loveliest place to celebrate any party. Visit our sunny skies, breathless beaches, and rustic stables for a taste of Miami. Gold Stirrup Academy brings a piece of South Florida wild life right to your doorstep. We make sure your family feels welcomed at our ranch and your event becomes an unforgettable memory!

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