Your wedding is a special event to remember for the rest of your life. Every bride hopes that all the time invested into planning the wedding becomes an unforgettable memory with family and friends. Couples looking to get married in Miami have many wedding venue options to choose from. From a romantic wedding at the beach or at a high-end architecture wedding venue, South Florida is a great place to plan your special day.

Gold Stirrup Academy is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Miami. It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s a great place to share the best memorable moments from your nuptials. The serene atmosphere you will experience in our 17.5 acre farm is inimitable. It’s suitable for any type of wedding theme any time of the year. You will be able to accommodate your guests both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for wedding venues in Miami give us a call at (305) 262-8303.

Outdoor wedding venues in Miami - Things to remember

Surrounded by nature’s best, Gold Stirrup Academy becomes the ideal place to plan your dream wedding. The magical rustic atmosphere is perfect to exchange your vows, your first married kiss, and sparkling toast. It doesn’t matter how glamorous or humble your grand appearance may be, it’s your day! You and your spouse-to-be should celebrate it as you both wish.

An outdoor wedding can become absolutely amazing. The planning can be a bit stressful since you have to think about the weather, wildlife, etc. but there are ways to keep things running smoothly:

  • Make your guests comfortable-This should be your first priority, to have the site equipped with things such as comfortable seats, fans, refreshing drinks, bathrooms nearby, and citronella candles. Make a plan for the things you may need to rent such as chairs, tables, catering services etc.
  • Prepare for the weather-You should have weather appropriate accessories at hand just in case the unexpected happens.
  • Wear appropriate clothing-It all depends what time of the year you celebrate your wedding. During the winter, it may be wise bringing a nice jacket that matches your wedding dress and during the summer, perhaps wear fabric appropriate for the heat, especially here in South Florida.
  • Pictures-Find out where the sun will be during your ceremony that way you have plenty of light to make your pictures look amazing!

Country wedding at Gold Stirrup Academy

Country wedding themes are timeless. The rustic beauty and charm of Gold Stirrup Academy can bring to life any bridal story. Our private ranch is the perfect setting to remember this special day. You can explore the outdoor beauty and romantic atmosphere surrounded by friends and family and the special person that will be with you for the rest of your life. It’s simply a day to remember.

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Miami

Planning an anniversary party is an exciting time for the couple. As the marriage matures couples tend to lose the spark. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a great way to rekindle the fire they had when they first met. When celebrating a wedding anniversary it’s crucial to pick the right place. Miami is the perfect city to host your party and celebrate romance. The warm weather all year round can add a bit of tropical flavor and flamboyance to any celebratory event.

Silver wedding anniversary

According to research, couples who remember special moments such as their silver wedding anniversary have stronger relationships, especially after 25 years of marriage. Taking time to celebrate will spark memories of the happy times shared throughout the years. Celebrations will also create new memories. Memories are very important for a relationship as they will give the couple more things to talk about. A party is always a great way for people to relax and talk about things they wouldn’t otherwise. Be sure you celebrate your wedding anniversary at Gold Stirrup Academy. It’s a great place for photographs and enjoying the peculiar rustic atmosphere only found here at Horse Country.

Golden wedding anniversary

If you have been married for a while perhaps it’s time to renew your vows and what a better time to remember the good times than your golden wedding anniversary. Spending half a century with the person you love is quite an accomplishment. You have managed to survive the ups and downs of life together therefore this special celebration should be personal and meaningful. You can invite as many guests as your budget can afford. Many couples prefer a smaller gathering and that’s fine. It’ll be more intimate and fun! However, some couples had very large families and they don’t want anyone to feel left out, which makes perfect sense. Everyone that matters to you should share in the joy of this special occasion.

Other wedding anniversaries

You don’t have to wait until your silver wedding anniversary to celebrate. There are other wedding anniversaries to think about as well. The first wedding anniversary has a paper theme mainly symbolizing the strength of the interlocking fivers. Then comes the second year, which is cotton because it’s associated with prosperity and durability. Then comes the leather on the third year, fruit/flowers on the fourth year, wood on the fifth, tin/aluminium on the 10th, and crystal on the 15th. The 30th is pearl, the 40th is ruby, and there is also diamond for the 60th or 75th anniversary for couples who are lucky to be together that long.

Why choose us for your wedding party?

If you prefer a rustic style for your wedding or anniversary, look no further than Gold Stirrup Academy. Rustic and vintage Miami wedding venues are very popular these days. People are tired of monotonous and predictable indoor parties. It’s rather confining and with less options to entertain your guests. Why not take advantage of the natural atmosphere the great outdoors offers?

Our equestrian center is located in the heart of Horse Country, one of the most agrarian and horse friendly communities in South Florida boasting some of the most lavish horse ranches in the state. In other words, you are in good hands and in one of the best wedding locations in Miami . You have found the right spot for your country wedding to be a total success. If you want to throw an impressive outdoor wedding party you will find plenty of room and helping hands in our 17.5 acre ranch.

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