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With gorgeous grass paddocks and attractive trails to provide the rider with an unforgettable experience, Gold Stirrup Academy exists to provide our clients and horses with more than a learning experience. Horse training Miami at Gold Stirrup Academy is offered at our beautiful facility. Our farm is situated on 17.5 improved acres designed exclusively for pleasure riding. The surrounding agricultural area is well known as “Horse Country”.

Miami offers the perfect setting for horse training. Our beautiful city is ingrained in the multicultural background of its residents, and opens its doors to horses from all over the world.

Our horses and students come from different backgrounds. We have a history of training horses and producing excellent riders. We make a special effort to have the friendliest, most qualified, and reliable horse trainers. Even advanced riders will find that our instructors have extensive experience and vast knowledge of riding techniques and horses

Horse Training Methods Miami

Gold Stirrup Academy provides different horse training methods at our horse training facilities, depending on your horse’s needs. Groundwork is of importance, and much can be improved with long reins from the ground before you get on the horse. Lunging a horse is also a great way to warm up your horse before training together with softening the horse’s mouth, having the horse accept the bit, etc. Another benefit of the groundwork is the horse’s manners which can radically change, for the better! You are welcome to attend and benefit from every session and from our horse training tips.

We also provide horse training on the saddle for young and adult horses. Starting from the basics, having the horses understand leg, seat, rein and body position, providing them with self-balance and self-carriage for a better use, and understanding of their own bodies. We focus on the Classical Dressage principles, mother of all riding disciplines, as it promotes flexibility, acceptance, impulsion and much more to any horse.

Natural Horsemanship Technique

This horse training technique is all about gentle riding with advanced communication skills. This technique has become very popular as more horse trainers are quickly embracing this method.

The main purpose of the natural horsemanship technique is to have a calm, safe, and reliable horse that will freely do what the trainer or student asks. Horses are generally eager to please as long as the trainer provides trustworthy leadership. It’s incredible what a horse will naturally do for you as long as he understands what you are asking.

horse training in miami Horse Training Miami

Trainers who use abusive training methods may presume of having some secret other trainers don’t have. These trainers are not the type of trainers you want. The problem is usually the owner or the rider and not the horse. At Stars Stables Miami, our trainers respect our horses and treat them with the utmost care and respect. The natural horsemanship technique focuses more on teaching than on training as teaching generally involves doing something for the horse rather than doing something to the horse.

This way of caring and teaching the horses embraces the amazing nature of the horse and eliminates all fear or intimidation. The natural horsemanship technique is based on communication, trust and respect. These wonderful animals can be safely enjoyed as long as they are taught properly using their natural instincts.

Services for Horse Training in Miami

We have different horse training Miami packages for any rider, or client interested in receiving help with their horse. We will tune up, guide, and/or support both, horse and rider to achieve their riding goals. Gold Stirrup Academy can tailor your training sessions and lesson package based on the goals and needs for every equine pair. In order for our clients to have the full benefit of our services, we try to stay up to date on all our horse training techniques.

Horse Training Miami Package

Our standard and recommended package includes the following:

(+your choice of Full Care Board or Partial Board)

  • A total of 6 riding lessons per week, or trainer’s rides from Gold Stirrup Academy staff members which are to be distributed at comfort of the rider and best fit for the horse.

How to Train a Horse to Ride?

There are some basic guidelines you should know about training a horse and some general rules you should remember about how horses learn. Using them helps your horse know and do what’s required of him.

Horse Training in Miami

Some of the basic guidelines include:

  • Safety: Since horses are big and powerful animals you should always stay where your horse can see you. You should always walk either in front or next to the horse. When getting out of sight, talk to your horse so that he knows where you are.
  • Take it slowly: Don’t teach your horse everything at once. Teach him in a series of small steps. You should only move from one step to the other when your horse has fully understood and applied the techniques learned.
  • Learn to talk to your horse while you are teaching: Speaking softly in a low tone of voice works best as this will calm your horse. Yelling won’t work.
  • Always reward good behavior: This is very important as it will encourage your horse and reinforce good behavior. Your horse will willingly repeat this behavior when he is asked again.
  • Have patience with your horse and with yourself: Never lose your temper. Anger is never advisable in horse training Miami. This might interfere with judgment, timing, and how your movements flow. Remember horses, just as humans, have good and bad days. You should be calm and persistent even when your horse didn’t follow instructions.
  • Have respect for your horse: All relationships are built on mutual respect. You should respect your horse in order for your horse to show the same respect. Being harsh or forceful will eventually damage the relationship.
  • Trace clear goals: Horse training Miami is easier when there are specific goals. You need to know what you wish to accomplish in advance and know what to teach your horse in order to move forward in that goal.

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