• For the horseback riding lessons, the first thing we do is an evaluation class. It will be 30 min on a horse with a trainer checking the student’s balance to see if he or she is capable of controlling the horse. This is just to determine the balance level and to recommend the type of class the student should be taking. This evaluation class will be 30 min long.

  • After that, we offer individual lessons, semiprivate packages of 4 horse lessons, or 8 horse lessons. Semiprivate means that if any other student needs the same class at the same time and with the same trainer, we can accommodate 2 students in one class. Only if the students are more or less in the same level, each one in a horse. This type of situation is generally very difficult to accommodate and even if you purchase a semiprivate package, 99% of the time you will end up registering for a private class.

  • Each class is 45 min long, 30 min on the horse and 15 min either at the beginning of the class or at the end of the class, to tack/untack the horse, washing and grooming, and all the animal care that naturally comes when learning how to ride a horse.

  • Pony lessons (3 years old and up) can be individual, semiprivate of 4 classes, or 8 classes. These classes are 30 min long, 15 in the horse and 15 to get the pony ready or to wash the pony.

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