About Horseback Riding at Gold Stirrup Academy

Gold Stirrup Academy offers an exciting horseback riding experience with your whole family. All skill levels are welcomed to explore our 17.5 acres facility any time of the year. Every skill level is accommodated in order to make our clients happy. Our friendly and welcoming staff have years of experience preparing you and your family for a great horseback adventure!

Gold Stirrup Academy is the best place to go Horseback Riding with family and friends

Gold Stirrup Academy has the perfect trails for an adventurous experience riding your horse. We would like you to experience what these amazing creatures are capable of.

We always make sure you are confident, prepared, and properly equipped before embarking on this incredible journey. Gold Stirrup Academy’s horses are regularly nurtured, inspected and groomed. We are full aware and very conscientious of the needs of every horse.

Moreover, our horses can sometimes roam free on our peaceful fenced riding trails and they can also eat in our green pastures while you are enjoying your ride. This helps the horse maintain proper body weight and live as a horse is meant to live.

Horseback Riding Trails Miami

Horseback Riding

Gold Stirrup Academy runs 17.5 acres through Miami scenic rural landscape. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the foliage of palm trees, exotic tropical plants, and majestic bushes, this is the perfect place for you. Our numerous trails were designed for pleasure riding.

They resemble the surrounding agricultural area known as “Horse Country.” Visitors to Gold Stirrup Academy’s trails will take home vivid memories in the many pictures taken at our attractive facilities. Our ranch has miles of horse-friendly trails that wander along the tranquil scenery. Horse riding trials Miami offer the natural and multi-cultural setting that reveals the beauty and simplicity of South Florida. Get ready for an experience that will bring you closer to nature!

Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding offers many physical and mental rewards. It’s a great way to exercise different parts of the body. It’s both a challenging and soothing experience that facilitates postural strength, and a number of other benefits. There is far more to this experience than the rider might expect. Besides the fun, you will also have the benefit of mental and physical fitness along with the chance to enjoy the open countryside.

Physical Benefits of Horseback riding

Horseback riding improves motor function and coordination. It will also strengthen your muscles, acceleration and reflex, improve visual perception of space, prevent muscle cramps, increase joint mobility, improve blood circulation, and boost the cardiovascular system. Horseback riding can also stimulate the internal organs which aid digestion and liver function.

This experience helps you burn calories depending on the speed, duration, and intensity of the ride. All of this will help with the development of self-discipline, self-confidence and patience. Horseback riding is a pleasurable sport and hobby for both children and adults. Children can learn to care for the animal. As they clean saddles, stables, and groom the horse, they are doing weight-bearing exercise which will help them retain bone mass.

There is a sense of freedom when you ride these magnificent creatures. Learning to ride and care for these animals can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health and dramatically change your life.

Mental Health Benefits

Most beginners may find horseback riding a bit of a challenge at first since they are learning to stay on and steer the horse at the same time. Gold Stirrup Academy offers horseback riding lessons for you and your whole family to learn the art of horseback riding. As the rider progresses with riding he or she will find out there is always something new to learn which provides a dynamic avenue for keeping your brain exercised.

Some studies have shown that long-term learning can prevent memory loss. Your brain also needs exercise to stay young and flexible. Horseback riding will help you feel great about yourself as you learn this new skill.

Horseback Riding Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when you ride a horse. New riders generally make a few common mistakes when first learning to ride horseback such as keeping their hands in the air, gripping tightly with their legs, standing tippy toe, ramming their feet into the stirrups, drawing up their knees, letting the reins slide and looking at the horse. This is a normal process for beginners. You can avoid all these mistakes with the help of a trainer.

These are some tips that will help you when riding your horse:

  • Get off the horse when needed: Sometimes a horse may trip and you are thrown off balance enough to come off. There is no way to predict when something like that happens. Don’t allow pride to stand in the way. You may have to stop and start fresh the next day if that’s necessary in order to build your confidence.
  • Keep your head up: If you are looking down, for example, that can throw your balance too far forward due to the weight of your head. This posture can put you at risk of falling forward should the horse stop unexpectedly. You should always look first where to steer your horse otherwise your horse doesn’t know where to go.
  • Keep your foot under you rather than letting your leg swing back and forth. When sitting in the saddle allow your leg to hang from the hip. Tracing an imaginary line between your ear, shoulder, and hip to heel should help.
  • Work on your leg position: You should keep your lower leg still with your feet under you. Use your core muscles and not your feet to help you post the trot.
  • Learn to feel the horse’s mouth and don’t pull.

How to ride a horse?

There are ways to learn how to ride these amazing creatures. Many ways out there, used in order to get the basic skills, are not advisable. For example, some people may learn to ride from a website, video or book. Hiring a horse riding coach or instructor is best as he or she can help you catch bad habits before they are ingrained. Trainers can also encourage you and offer advice that will help you feel more comfortable and safe.

There are some things you will be learning once you are on a horse:

  • Before riding a horse you will learn to tie and to groom the horse, and any other essentials skills that can help you learn to understand them.
  • Learn the benefits of riding a horse, how to lead your horse, how to tie safely, and how to groom.
  • Saddle up: You will learn how to put on a saddle and bridle, how to do up a western cinch, and how to put a bridle on a horse.
  • Mounting up: Mounting will become second nature as you practice it more and more. You will also learn how to sit appropriately in the saddle.
  • Walk on: It’s normal to feel awkward and unbalanced when riding a horse for the first time. Practice will make the difference. You will learn how to walk, halt, and how to turn and direct rein.
  • Trot and jog: As you develop confidence and skill, you will be able to ride at faster paces. Although trotting is hard to learn, it’s possible with practice.
  • Riding safely: Safety is always first with horses. Learn to ride safe on the trail, at night and along roadsides.
  • There are also some extra riding skills such as how to do an emergency dismount with the help of your coach, and learning to ride bareback.

Frequently asked questions about Horseback Riding

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