Our main goal is to create a safe learning environment that promotes the values of honesty, integrity, trust, loyalty, courage and character through a number of daily recreational activities with our horses. We want to provide opportunities for your children that leave a lasting impression on them. We enjoy collaborating with parents and family members to provide a summer program tailored to the needs of your child.


Our summer program is directed by qualified professionals and experienced camp counselors.


Groups can be form according to your child preferences and interests and also gender and age. Each group has around 13-15 children with two adults supervising the children.

Summer Camp Activities

Gold Stirrup Academy Summer Camp is pleased to offer many fun, instructive, activities, which will include:

Ativities with horses

Pony rides

Horse grooming

Horseback riding

Farm shores

Horse-related Arts & Crafts

Paint ceramics

Drawing horses

Make necklaces and bracelets

Stamp art


Horse-related Indoor & Outdoor Games

Capture the flag

Sack Race

Tug of war

Pin the tail on the donkey

Stop thief

Splash surprise

Ball games

Torch tag

Dodge ball

Learning games

Pencil-and-paper games

Card games


Hide and seek

Treasure hunt

Indoor bowling

Team building games

Skill games

Circle games

Building and Facilities

The Gold Stirrup Academy facilities encompass 17.5 acres equipped with all the comfort you and your family deserve. Everything has been carefully built for your children to have a safe outdoor experience. A group of skilled professionals, with passion for what we do, undertook a major renovation project about a year ago. Our equestrian center has all the building codes for hurricane protection. Everything is fenced to guarantee the safety of your children. We also have a concrete round-pen to facilitate training even during bad weather, an air-conditioned lounge area with Wi-Fi, and a relaxed sitting area to rest your tired feet. It’s the perfect place to savor a cup of coffee, enjoy a snack or simply talk about horses as you enjoy the peaceful view.

Personal Belongings

We encourage you to mark your child’s personal belongings with his or her name. Gold Stirrup Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen item. We also suggest campers leave cell phones, trading cards, video games, or any other pricey personal items at home.


Remember dress codes protect your children. Dress must be modest and campers must completely cover:

Children must wear close-toe shoes at all times, preferably boots.

We prefer your children wear pants, no shorts.

Only polo shirts or long sleeve shirts are allowed. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops or spaghetti straps.

Required to wear a hat or baseball cap and sunscreen.

No flip-flops or wet clothing especially around the horses.

If we notice any appearance that is disruptive to the camp environment we will take it to the camp director and address it.

If children don’t comply with Gold Stirrup Academy dress code we will contact the parents immediately and the child will be asked to change clothes as provided by the parent.

Daily Activities Schedule

Camp activities at our Equestrian Center take place 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Additional charges may apply for after care.

Parents can bring any questions or concerns they may have to the camp director or camp counselors. We will address all issues in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. We are always looking to improve the quality of the services provided therefore your contributions are always welcomed!

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