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Summer camp Miami
Summer camp Miami
Summer camp Miami

Summer camp Miami - Equestrian Academy

Welcome to Gold Stirrup Academy summer camp! We are delighted to offer you the most entertaining summer camp Miami in all South Florida. Designed for you and your whole family, our summer camp Miami helps kids of all ages improve their riding skills. And for those children who have never interacted with horses, this is a great opportunity to do so. Our summer camp Miami is directed by internationally recognized and well-respected coaches. Immerse yourself in the horse world, meet new friends, and enjoy the great outdoors. Welcome aboard!

One of the Best summer camps in Miami

Gold Stirrup Academy's summer camp has been praised by our community as one of the best summer camps in Miami. Your children get to have a different learning experience with us. They will join one of the most entertaining summer programs in South Florida and explore our fascinating 10 acres farm. Our staff is well-equipped and experienced to make this magical experience with our horses an unforgettable one.

Enjoy a different Summer Camp in Miami

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It's all about horses! At our equestrian Academy your children can improve both their mental and physical health when they interact with our horses and ponies. Horses can be very therapeutic. Through interacting with horses children can learn more about themselves and how to express their feelings in a constructive way. Also horseback riding can help your kids improve posture, balance, head and trunk control, endurance, coordination, and motor planning. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and improve his or her self-esteem.

Horseback Riding Summer Camps Lessons

Gold Stirrup Academy offers a great summer camp Miami program which includes, among other things, pony rides, horseback riding, and horse grooming. We welcome students from all skill levels to our 17.5 acres farm this summer. Every skill level is carefully accommodated. Our cordial and welcoming staff has many years of experience training a generation of young riders. We invite you to start a great horseback riding adventure at Gold Stirrup Academy and reap the mental and physical rewards these amazing creatures can offer. Along with the mental and physical fitness, you will also be able to enjoy Miami's scenic rural landscape and our horse-friendly trails' exotic beauty.

Pony rides for kid Lessons

We offer pony rides for children of all ages. Gold Stirrup Academy's pony riding farm allows families and groups have a great time at our spacious facility while also allowing and introducing your child to the horse world. You can stop by this summer to enjoy our affordable pony rides. This is a great opportunity for your child to have his or her first contact with ponies which are generally calm animals with quiet personalities who love to please. They also enjoy being groomed and pet. Our staff will make sure your children are safe and you feel right at home.

Spend quality time in touch with nature at Gold Stirrup Academy

Kid riding pony at Gold Stirrup Academy

Spending time with nature and animals has proven to be very therapeutic. Modern scientists have linked exposure to nature with more energy and a greater sense of well-being. The very presence of nature can help with feelings of exhaustion. Studies have proven that individuals with more strength or sense of vitality are generally more resistant to physical illnesses. This is why Gold Stirrup Academy opens its doors every summer to offer you and your family a great opportunity to interact with nature and with our amazing horses

Your children can fill their days with adventure and fun when they join our programs at our horse riding camps. Our ranch is the perfect place for your children to observe wildlife and learn more about Mother Nature. Our well-trained and caring staff and counselors will make sure your child has an enriching, safe and amusing horse summer camps experience. Your child will find out more about what it means to live in Horse County and how horses relate to humans in so many ways.

Summer camp activities in Miami
Summer camp activities in Miami
Summer camp activities in Miami

Summer camp activities in GSA

How to Groom a Horse Fun!

Horse grooming helps your horse maintain a healthy hair coat and skin, but this activity can also be a fun and engaging way to help your children learn more about the HORSES. Kids can learn different things about horse grooming. They can learn the basic horse terminology and equine words, horse colors and markings, types of saddles such as the English, and learning about how to clean the leather equipment. They learn how to groom horses or ponies by using different types of brushes to smooth down the hair, and gently comb the horse's mane and tail. They can also watch how the instructor picks the horse feet and thoroughly clean them.

Equine Nutrition and Feeding

Our summer camp instructors also teach your child how to properly feed a horse and what the horse may need for good nutrition and health. The feed tag can provide essential feeding information about what's in the bag. However, some horse owners may not have the time to read this information or understand it. This is why instructors can always help with teaching common guidelines to observe when feeding a horse including the basic nutrients a horse might need such as water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, and vitamins. Since the nutritional requirements can vary from horse to horse, assessing the feed tag may be necessary in order to determine if the feed can meet your horse's needs.

Girl feeding a horse at Gold Stirrup Academy

Learning about Farm Maintenance

Farm shores can be a great way for your children to get involved with horses and horse care at an early age. Helping around the farm can help them learn how to be responsible and also learn new practical skills they may be able to use in the future. Since kids don't spend much time outside these days, this can be a great time for them to explore the outside world and keep their young minds and bodies active and healthy.

Other Summer Camp Activities for Kids at the Ranch

A typical full day of summer camp at Gold Stirrup Academy will include a variety of activities. Our diverse group of trained counselors has experience helping college students, teenagers, or small children, who have a passion for horses, have a magical summer experience. We offer great opportunities to experience the great outdoors with activities for children of all ages and interests such as pony rides, riding lessons, horse grooming, educational activities about horses, arts and crafts, and lots of fun indoor and outdoor games!

Summer Camp Activities for Kids in Miami
Summer Camp Activities for Kids in Miami
Summer Camp Activities for Kids in Miami

Outdoor & Indoor Games

There are a number of outdoor and indoor games offered at our summer camp program such as capture the flag, stop thief, splash surprise, torch tag, dodge ball, etc. Your children can also be part of several indoor games such as pencil-and-paper games, card games, puzzles, hide and seek treasure hunt, indoor bowling, etc.

Crafts & Games

Your children can be part of fun crafts and games at our summer camp. They can learn how to draw horses with an artist or instructor, learn to decorate the barn, paint ceramics, and make necklaces and bracelets, origami, stamp art, etc. They can also be part of several fun games such as team building activities, card games, skill games, circle games, ball games, learning games, etc.

Baths & Fun

Miami's summer temperatures can be very high. This is a great time to take advantage of fun outdoor water games and refreshing activities with your children. Gold Stirrup Academy invites you to join our exciting and wet outdoor activities with our horses. You are welcome to bring your water guns and shoot the skies!

A bit about Gold Stirrup Academy

Founded more than 20 years ago, Gold Stirrup Academy is one of the oldest farms in the area. We are proud of the legacy and continue to expand our property and serving our community with the best in all horse country Miami. We hold some of the most educated and qualified horseback instructors in the area. We are simply proud of our family!

Our tradition of excellence, superb activities, and skilled camp counselors are only a few of the reasons why our summer camp is ranked among the top camps in the sunshine state. Rise and shine with us!

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